WHY 10%?

WHY 10%? 

 TeamHumanity earmarks 10% of our collective profits and returns it to the community through grassroots initiatives like the Student-Athlete Entrepreneur Program that provides student-athletes with the opportunity to explore career paths like sportswear design, sports broadcasting, athletic shoemaking, and more.

William James, the founder of TeamHumanity, grew up in the church where his guardian, Uncle Frank, was the preacher. It was Uncle Frank’s church where James first learned the origins of tithing 10%, and witnessing firsthand the benefits of philanthropy.

Bequeathing the first 10% of funds earned to community initiatives is something that was engrained in James’ life from childhood and he purposefully wove it into the DNA of the TeamHumanity Clothing brand as our method of “paying forward” what was paid to James. 

James also believes that his ability to leave Brownsville, Pennsylvania and enjoy a decade long career in the National Football League (NFL) was an answered prayer. After attending four different high schools and being dismissed from two universities, James still managed to not only make it to the NFL, but also to play for ten years when the average length of an NFL career is 3.3 years. James acknowledges God as the reason for his successful ten-year career in the national spotlight. 

When James retired, he vowed he would commit ten years of his life to his childhood community. As an offering of service and in gratitude to God, James returned to Brownsville, Pennsylvania and established the TeamHumanity Clothing Company. James’ ten-year commitment to Brownville further cemented the idea of earmarking a tenth of our profits to positively impact the community. 

With this 10%, we implement grassroots efforts to mentor, motivate, and mobilize the lives of forgotten youth and communities. TeamHumanity Clothing Company creates programs, innovative events, prizes, and sponsorships, all while inspiring the community support to create a mechanism for all community members to have a collective impact. 


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